Network Architecture

NΞON Protocol

Two main layers:
  • User Layer: DCAs creation and user interactions with the dAPP.
  • Process Layer: performs all the necessary actions to execute and track the active DCAs.
Process Layer does not require human interactions.
The two layers are interconnected, but there is no direct communication between them. The chain acts as an exchanger to store and pass information.
NΞON General Network

User Layer

The operations that the user will have to perform take place in this layer. The user layer is mainly composed of the following items:
  • dApp
It will allow the user to create and / or delete the DCA with a user friendly interface.
It will allow to execute the actions requested by the users on-chain, in addition to generating useful information for the users.

Process Layer

This layer, which doesn't require human intervention, manages the operations and controls that are used to automatically perform the DCAs.
It is mainly composed of the following items:
The router will execute the DCAs and interface with NDCA to get the necessary informations, check, execute the DCAs and track the actions performed. It will also give the needed informations to the swapper to perform the swap.
The Swapper performs the swap and report the result to the router. The Swapper is a third-party which takes care of the swap execution and guarantees the best price on the market (on-chain), by clicking on Swapper you can check which service NΞON is currently using.