What is NΞON Protocol ?

NΞON Protocol is a decentralized, automated and non custodial/no deposit DCA protocol, that makes DCA easy and accessible for everyone.
NΞON protocol has 4 key strength points:
  1. 1.
    Automated DCA
  2. 2.
    Non KYC & No deposit
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Best Price
*(some differences apply to the B2B/DCA-out subproduct).

Automated DCA

Dollar-Cost-Averaging has historically been one of the most effective and less challenging way to invest into a market and NΞON Protocol makes it easy and automatic. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but DCA served very well early crypto adopters. i.e. If anybody began dca-ing close to the very top of the peak of the past cycle (2017-2018), even today, after the last drawdown, he would be enjoying a +406% return on his BTC dca. (01.01.2018 as starting date, 06.21.2018 as final date).

No deposit

NΞON never require users to deposit funds anywhere. The funds will only be withdrawn from the users' wallets and used when the trades/DCA need to occur and the bought tokens will immediatly be returned.


The protocol is active and running on different chains through our routers (initially BSC and ARBITRUM), and will keep expanding, in other EVM chains initially and non-EVM later on.
Ongoing integrations will also allow NEON's users to seemlessy schedule and execute DCAs to virtually every chain (EVM and non-EVM) from the chains we support.
For example: schedule a DCA on Arbitrum to buy 250$ weekly of $SOL, which you'll receive directly on your Solana address.

Best Price

NΞON will always provide the best available price by using DeFi AMM Aggregators