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DCA-out allows individuals, teams or dapps to schedule and manage disinvesting for their treasuries or holdings.
Main features:
  • Sell your tokens for stables
  • Continuous execution thanks to Llamapay
  • Best price using the best AMMs
  • No-KYC
  • Automated

DCA-out is the second DCA feature introduced by NΞON Protocol.

DCA-out is mainly business oriented (but not exclusively) and allows individuals, teams or dapps to schedule and manage DCA-out from their token holding.

Use cases

This feature is mainly intended to be used when users or teams need to gracefully exit a big position without negatively impacting too much the price of the token, incurring in too much price impact or exit a position without being impacted too much by the short term volatility of the price:
  • taking profits (individuals);
  • diversify the treasury or a portfolio (teams and dapps);
  • executing a token burn (inversed usage - teams and dapps);
Currently, coins and tokens need to be whitelisted to be available for DCA, to initially allow the team to monitor the liquidity depth for each of the tokens made available, and avoid high price impact for the users.
If you want to see specific tokens listed on our dapp, or if you're a team interested in using our product, you can contact us - we are prioritizing most requested and flagship tokens for each chain.
An important difference with DCA-in is that for DCA-out we are building on the top of LlamaPay to ensure a continuous stream out: this minimize the impact on price action, since it spreads the executions thinner, and allow to ignore short term and abrupt volatility even on a shorter time frame.
In DCA-out users will be able to select the monthly amount of tokens they need to discharge and the number of overall executions.
DCA-out is available on all the supported chains.